Urban Industry Initiative

The Urban Industry Initiative Mission
To create and retain manufacturing jobs in Philadelphia neighborhoods through a comprehensive strategy that strengthens businesses and builds relationships between manufacturers and their community.

Legal Standing
The Urban Industry Initiative is an independent, non-profit corporation within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a 501 (C) (3) IRS designation.

In 1996, the Urban Industry Initiative was created with an idea and a grant from Pew Charitable Trusts, to find a new and more successful approach to keeping urban manufacturing companies from leaving the City of Philadelphia. Pew, through the community development corporations it supports, was successful in fostering housing development and the delivery of needed social services, but it soon became apparent that without an adequate supply of good paying jobs, these activities alone would not advance the cause of stabilizing the City’s declining neighborhoods. UII was given the task of finding a new and better way of addressing this problem. The result was an innovative and comprehensive economic development strategy.

    PRIDE – The Port Richmond Industrial Development Enterprise

    RCA – The Richmond Corridor Association

    MAP – The Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia

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