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The Port Richmond Industrial Development Enterprise, PRIDE, is the first urban industrial park in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As a proud member of the Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia PRIDE’s mission is to strengthen the business environment of the area by focusing on improving security, cleanliness, infrastructure and relationships between businesses and their residential neighbors. Meetings are held monthly, for the next date, location and time please call our office at 215-948-9285 x103.

Benefits of Being INVOLVED!

  • New Business Opportunities
  • Regular Business Card Exchanges
  • PRIDE promotes all members throughout the city and region
    Have a voice in shaping the future of the area
  • Keeping the area clean
  • Issues affecting crime, vandalism, graffiti and dumping
  • Street maintenance
  • Tax assessments and land use
    Experience in the power of Group Acting
  • PRIDE is a part of the Urban Industry Initiative and the Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia, which works to get a voice in both City Hall and Harrisburg
  • Access to Council people and political support
  • Access to City services

PRIDE is an idea that just makes sense.

This initiative, the first of its kind in the nation, works within the existing infrastructure to group neighborhood industrial business together so they may shape their environment in a way most beneficial to themselves and the community. This new approach is distinct from traditional methods and very powerful in that:

  • It seeks an ongoing collaboration between local businesses and government;
  • It seeks to leverage the collective strengths of area industrial businesses;
  • It addresses those issues which are of greatest concern to businesses – security, neighborhood reinvestment, appearance and cleanliness;
  • It seeks to access the strengths of the local residential and commercial communities and will provide benefits for these communities; and
  • It targets a neighborhood that still retains genuine business and residential vitality.

A plan, designed in part by urban architects, involves the redesign of certain areas to accommodate eighteen-wheel trucks, green space and planting projects, distincti8ve signage and lighting, security measures, etc.

The PRIDE industrial Park should become a recognized Philadelphia address and distinct district within the greater Port Richmond area. The overall objective of the businesses of the Port Richmond Industrial Development Enterprise is to attain the competitive level of operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, district security, and support infrastructure found in the newest industrial parks in the region.

The next few years will bring the most serious challenges ever faced by area industrial businesses. Residential encroachment, loss of industrial land, overregulation, and these are just environmental issues – not including the normal threats from competitors, rising costs, etc. Companies like yours have a choice. You can stay in your offices and factories and hope these challenges will go away… or you can come out, join together and shape your own future. As we said. The choice is yours! Get involved. PRIDE and the UII can help you make a difference!

Port Richmond Industrial Development Enterprise   215-948-9285 x103 • 3525 Amber Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134